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 A Flat roof, must be installed properly.

  Flat roofs have a tendency, to leak more

  often than a pitched (sloped) roof. When it

  rains or snows the rain hits your roof and

  immediately runs off. A " flat roof ", on the other

  hand, has a greater chance of the water ponding

  and not running off the roof as well as a sloped

  roof !!

  Also, When the temperature rises, or the heat from

  the building, (heat rises) melts the snow, the snow

  turns to slush and eventually water, the water sits

  there unless, when your flat roof was

  installed, tapered insulation was used !!!

 Tapered  insulation, will divert rain/snow & will

  make it flow into the interior drains, then,  & only

  then, will water leave a "flat roof"

  much faster.

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