We will repair or replace your roof now & get reimbursed later Call us before the next time it rains, to prevent the more damage to the interior of house or business !

               Commercial Industrial Roofing, L.L.C. All Right Reserved. Established in 1924

We will fix or replace your roof now & get reimbursed later !!!

By the time the busy insurance company's get

around to you, could be days, weeks, months.

Call us before the next rain , which can damage

the interior of your home or business .

We Focuses most of our time working on        storm and wind damaged roofs in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, S.Carolina up the coast

to New Jersey.

       We opened an office, in 1992 in

       Florida after Hurricane Andrew hit .

      We offer 24 - Hour EmergencyService.

 We are affiliated with the Red Cross & F E M A .




 We work with commercial properties !  To ensure  that you get the most value out of  your investment . We will sit down with  

 you to discuss  which roofing  options would best suit  the needs  of your building.  We work diligently  with  our customers, in

Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida & Texas. We use the best  roofing materials available.

Our trained  professionals will get the job done right , minimizing the  disruption to youryour business.

With our 30+ years of experience in the roofing  industry, we  understand the importance of  choosing the 'right roofing system' for  your  business.  We want you to understand  the  process & be comfortable with the decision you  make regarding your roof. 

 Adhered EPDM membrane Roof System       

  Commercial Industrial Roofing , L.L.C.

 Commercial Industrial Roofing, LLC. in Spring Hill, FL

Commercial Industrial Roofing has been servicing Tampa, Spring Hill and Clear Water since 1969. We do commercial and industrial roof repairs, preventative maintenance and install energy saving roof systems. Our mission is to provide quality workmanship, with laboratory tested and field proven roofing materials, that we are willing to stake our reputation on, to give you the best roof possible.

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                                           Commercial Industrial Roofing , is a successful roofing company because of this one simple mission.

                                                                                         Doing it right the first time using the best materials.
                                        " Our roofers, foreman and project managers our excellent at their craft. Don't ask us.  Ask our clients."

​​           (412) 426-0969

            Pittsburgh            .

  Type of roofs we repair & install

          Commercial Industrial Roofing. L.L.C.  featured
          Miami-Dade County
          Miami (305) 714-2121

Commercial Industrial Roofing has been doing commercial roof

repairs since 1924. We do roof repairs, preventative maintenance,

based on the company's year around climate, age of the roof, and

the customer's budget. We have been a family owned company

since we began. We are a third generation roof company.

     (305) 714-2121

​        Miami, Florida      

           (412) 426-0969

       Pittsburgh,  Pa .

  Watch this video to see how we install a Fully