In Pittsburgh & Youngstown Ohio

  We work with commercial properties ! To

  ensure  that you get the most value out of

  your investment , we will sit down with you

  to discuss  which roofing options would

  best suit the needs  of your building.

  We work diligently with

  our customers, in North East Ohio and

  Western Pennsylvania using the best 

  roofing  materials available, & our trained 

  professionals will get the job done right ,

  minimizing the disruption

  to your business.
  With our 30+ years of experience in the

  roofing industry, we understand the

  importance of  choosing the "right roofing

  system' for your  business. We want you to

  understand the  process & be comfortable

  with the decision you make regarding your


  Pictures of flat roofs we have work on.

  Flat Roofing

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Commercial Industrial Roofing, is a successful roofing company because of this one simple mission

                                                        Doing it right the first time using the best materials.

      "Our roofers, foreman and project managers our excellent at their craft. Don't ask us. Ask our clients."

Because of this seemingly simple goal we have a solid foundation here at Commercial Industrial Roofing. As with any quality roofing system, it’s all in the details. It starts with having the right employees & making sure we provide a rewarding place for our employees to call home. We provide the proper training in safety and roofing installation, and fully expect only the highest of standards in return. Thus, the investment we have made in our employees guarantees a safe working place and quality workmanship Ultimately, it means you receive the highest quality service & workmanship.


         Flat Roofing

A Flat roof must be installed properly.

  Flat roofs have a tendency, to leak more

  often than a pitched (sloped) roof. When it

  rains or snows the rain hits your roof and

  immediately runs off.  A " flat roof ", on the

  other hand, has a greater chance of the

  water ponding and not running off the roof as well as a 

  sloped roof !!

  Also, When the temperature rises, or the heat from

  the building, (heat rises) melts the snow, the snow

  turns to slush and eventually water, the water sits

  there unless, when your flat roof was

  installed, tapered insulation was used !!!

 Tapered  insulation, will divert rain/snow & will

  make it flow into the interior drains, then,  & only

  then, will water leave a "flat roof"   much faster.